The Instant Publishing Toolbox

Key Features


High Quality Editions

Publish your digital edition without writing code. Using the TEI Processing Model, customising the appearance of the text is all done in XML.


Single Source Publishing

Create HTML, ePUBs or PDFs from a single document and its associated processing model. No media specific stylesheets required.


Cross Media & Multidevice

TEI Publisher generates applications which work well across devices and include features like page by page browsing, search and cross-media export.


Lean Code

For developers, TEI Publisher heavily reduces the amount of custom code required by typical digital edition projects. Save thousands of lines on handwritten transformations and rely on maintained code libraries instead.

Publish your content in simple steps

1. Install

TEI Publisher is an eXist-db application. Install it from eXist's package manager in the dashboard. If you do not have eXist installed already, you may want to try out docker image, which includes everything required.

Installing publisher on dashboard

2. Upload your file

Upload your own TEI files to view them, search them, play around with different styles.

Uploading a file

3. Tweak the default rendition

Using the TEI Processing Model, customising the appearance of the text is all done in TEI ODD by mapping each TEI element to a limited set of well-defined behaviour functions, e.g. “paragraph” or “heading”. The specification includes a standard mapping (TEI simplePrint), which can be tweaked by overwriting selected elements. Create your own ODD and customise it to make the best out of your data. Watch our screencast to see how.

4. Export to multiple devices

Publish your data in various media formats without writing complex stylesheets. Rendition styles are transparently translated into different output media types like HTML, XSL-FO, LaTeX, or ePUB.

Animation of exporting the file

5. Generate your own application

Use the app generator to create your own, stand-alone web application, covering all core features like browsing, search and PDF generation.

Our vision

TEI Publisher is a community effort based on ideas and contributions by TEI enthusiasts all over the world, licensed under the GPLv3. Initially inspired by the vision behind the TEI Processing Model - work of the late Sebastian Rahtz and other members of the TEI Simple project of 2015 - it continues to evolve into what you can see today. This is only possible thanks to contributions of developers, users and institutions having concrete publication projects and willing to employ Open Source first approach so the whole community can reuse and benefit from their work.

TEI Publisher is not a commercial project. We strongly believe in Open Source, standards and reusability. The TEI Processing Model and TEI Publisher are a major step towards true interoperability, reusablity and sustainability. To further promote these goals and build a strong community, a number of smaller and larger edition projects, cultural heritage institutions and single researchers came together in May 2020 to found, which now hosts the TEI Publisher source code and coordinates its development.

During the past few years a growing number of projects from small to large have decided to publish their materials with the TEI Publisher. It gives us all not only the opportunity but also the responsibility to make the project thrive for years to come and to make it truly sustainable option for XML publishing!

While we are very happy with the achievements so far, we still have a much broader vision to fulfill. To make this happen we invite the community to contribute to the project - by means of code, ideas, documentation, tutorials and funding.

You don't have to be a developer to contribute, you can do so in a number of ways!

  • Check out the source code, modify it, document it, enhance it.
  • Create new or enhance existing example documents and ODDs so we present showcases for various TEI applications.
  • Report your issues, feature requests or ideas for discussion on the issue tracker.
  • Discuss with us on the #community room on the e-editiones slack or write to the mailing list.
  • Port back your custimizations to the TEI Publisher code base so others can use it too (or ask us to do it for you)!
  • Help and mentor others - publish teaching materials, answer questions on our Slack channel, mailing list and other forums.
  • Sponsor a concrete feature or fund a development grant.


While we have strong evidence to prove that publishing with the TEI Publisher is a really fast way to get a state of the art edition on-line it may still not be everyone's cup of tea. We're there to help and we promise it will help everyone else too!

TEI Publisher's development so far was mainly funded by projects having concrete publication needs. If you have a digital edition to publish and would like to give TEI Publisher a try, contact us at Jinntec and we commit to port any feature with more general interest back to the TEI Publisher.

Special Offer

Starting with TEI Publisher 5.0, we provide a special offer: Pass us your TEI data and for a total price of € 5000 we'll kickstart your project. Since TEI Publisher is all about code reuse, we can achieve a lot given that the quality of the underlying data allows it! If you don't have encoded data yet or it is not in TEI format, you might still want to get in touch - TEI Publisher can handle non-TEI XML just as well and we can help to design optimal data structure for your project. Looking forward to see what we can do with your material!